Pennsylvania State Athletic Directors Association

PSADA Update


Carlisle High School

In recognition of a great man who touched some many lives. 

Dave Eavenson, former PSADA Executive Director


2019 PSADA Conference Dates:

March 19-20-21-22

Hershey Lodge, Hershey, PA

In order to support PSADA Members who wish to take the CAA exam in March at the 2019 Conference and still need the new required NIAAA LTC 503 class, it will be offered at the PIAA Office in Mechanicsburg PA on Tuesday February 12. Those members who wish to apply for the exam should plan ahead by six weeks which is quickly approaching. If members plan on taking advantage of this opportunity they may still apply to NIAAA for the exam and list the date of February 12 as when they are taking LTC 503. A reminder, the required courses to take the exam are LTC 501,502, 503, 504 & 506. An additional reminder, application to take the CAA Exam is completed through NIAAA. PSADA offered the site for members to take the exam.

Click HERE for LTC 503 Registration Form.

PIAA Addresses Competitive Balance. Click HERE to view.

PSADA Announces Summer Leadership Academy.

Date: July 18, 2019

Location: MIlton Hershey School (Hershey, PA)

Tentative Schedule:

8:00AM - 12:00PM:

New Athletic Administrator Orientation (3 years or less experience)

LTC 608 Athletic Administration: Management Strategies and Organization Techniques

12:00PM - 1:00PM 

Lunch (Provided)

1:00 - 5:00:

LTC 504 Athletic Administration: Legal Issues I (Liability for Sports Injuries and and Risk Management)

LTC 503 Athletic Administration: Enhancing Organiation Management (Required for all certifications)

6:00 - 10:00:

LTC 506 Athletic Management: Legal Issues II (Title IX and Sexual Harrassment)

LTC 700: Athletic Administration: Principles and Philosophies of a Developmentally Appropiate Middle School Program 

Cost: $125.00 per LTC Course

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Click HERE to view information on Athletic Administration with Ohio University.