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PSADA Sponsorship


PSADA Members,

It is my pleasure to announce that Rick Wire, president of Dynamite Sports has renewed a Sponsorship with PSADA.  As part of this outstanding agreement we encourage our member schools to take advantage of the following programs. 

·   1-year FREE activation to their NCAA Eligibility Calculator.  The calculator will calculate your student-athletes’ core GPA, display the corresponding test scores needed for eligibility and print out an “Eligibility Status Repot”.  There is NO personal student information collected in the calculator.  To activate the calculator, click on the link below and when it asks how you want to pay the $59 fee, check the circle that says, “I have a promotional code”.  Use the code “PSADA” for the FREE calculator.   Forward this email to your head counselor.

·   60-day unlimited access to the “Counselors Guide to Academic & Recruiting SUCCESS” online webinar.  This 60-minute webinar will teach your counselors about all the new NCAA eligibility requirement changes, the Eligibility Center and the basics of College Recruiting.  This is an invaluable tool for your counselors.   Go to the online store link below and click on the “Counselors Webinar”. Use the promotional code “counselor” for your FREE use.

·   Guiding the College-Bound Athlete Recruiting Seminars.  Do ALL of your parents believe their kids are D-I athletes?  Maybe it’s time to educate them?  Educate your athletes and parents about all aspects of the recruiting process including NCAA Eligibility requirements, the Eligibility Center, How to get recruited, how to setup recruiting visits.  They even have a complete “Advertising Campaign” on their website to promote the event.  Click on the link below and fill out the “Recruiting Seminar Request Form”.

·   Coaches staff development program entitled “Coaches Guide to Recruiting SUCCESS”!

This 45-minute informative program is usually conducted at 6 p.m. prior to the Recruiting Seminar for the families at 7:30 p.m.  

If you have any questions you may contact Rick Wire directly at 717.554.4950 or by email at  


          Dave Eavenson, PSADA Executive Director




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