Pennsylvania State Athletic Directors Association

PSADA Foundation

The PSADA Foundation invests in student-athletes, coaches and athletic administrator professional development programs. The PSADA Foundation is committed to building and leaving a legacy of professional excellence for the student-athletes, coaches and athletic administrators of Pennsylvania.

Strategic Goals

Professionalism: To have a National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA) certified administrator in every school district in the state designated: Certified Athletic Administrator (CAA) or Certified Master Athletic Administrator (CMAA)

Technology: To maintain and continually expand an extensive website to communicate with and support membership, state alliances and corporate sponsors.

Membership: To establish a membership that represents and involves Pennsylvania’s diverse population of athletic administrators and staff.

Finances: To continue to pursue resources and revenue streams to expand and fund services, programs and foundations that are viable to PSADA and its members while maintaining financial stability.

Leadership: To increase and promote leadership, education and mentorship to athletic administrators, coaches, parents and student-athletes.