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Athletic Director Positions

  • Director of Athletics and Student Activities
    East Penn School district


    The Director of Athletics/Activities works cooperatively with the secondary principals in the coordination of the district’s athletic program. The Director of Athletics/Activities works under the direction of the Senior High School Principal to coordinate the senior high student activities program. The Director of Athletics/Activities directly supervises all personnel in the athletic program, including coaches.

    I. Entry Qualifications:
    A. Education: bachelor’s degree required. Master degree preferred but not
    B. Certification: must hold National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators
    Association (NIAAA) status as a Registered Athletic Administrator (RAA). Must
    hold or be eligible for NIAAA Certified Athletic Administrator (CAA) status.
    Pennsylvania Teacher Certification preferred but not necessary.
    C. Experience: minimum three (3) years as an administrator or certified teacher at
    K-12 or collegiate level. Experience as an interscholastic or collegiate coach
    helpful but not necessary. Working knowledge of NFHS, NIAAA, PIAA and Title IX is

    II. Athletic Leadership:
    A. Serves as the primary advocate for the interscholastic athletic program in the
    school community.
    B. Directs an interscholastic athletic program, which promotes, protects and
    conserves the health, safety and educational welfare of the student-athlete.
    C. Provides equal opportunities for all students taking into consideration gender
    and equity.
    D. Subscribes to the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association
    (NIAAA) Code of Ethics.
    E. Serves as the school representative on the conference, district and state
    F. Participates in professional development activities on a local, regional, state
    or national level.
    G. Provides the vision and courage to improve and maintain the athletic program.
    H. Attends all events where admission is charged and as many non-paid events as

    III.General Administration:
    A. Responsible for scheduling all interscholastic athletic contests for each team
    within the athletic program.
    B. Responsible for assigning and contracting officials for all athletic contests.
    C. Responsible for making transportation arrangements for all athletic teams.
    D. Develops a well-organized crowd control program for all spectator events.
    E. Enforces eligibility requirements in compliance with local and PIAA Bylaws.
    F. Develops procedures for squad selection.
    G. Develops procedures for use of locker rooms, training and weight room by
    student-athletes and coaches.
    H. Develops procedures for the prevention and care of student-athlete
    I. Develops criteria for either eliminating or adding interscholastic sports.
    J. Prepares and presents reports for the school board, as requested.
    K.Coordinates all senior high school activities as directed by the Senior High
    School Principal.

    IV. Facilities and Equipment Management:
    A. Responsible for storage, distribution and repair of athletic equipment.
    B. Works cooperatively with the maintenance department in scheduling and
    maintaining practice and game facilities.
    C. Supervises athletic facilities.
    D. Coordinates scheduling of athletic facilities.
    E. Develops procedures for the issuance, use and collection of equipment.
    F. Maintains records and inventory of athletic equipment.
    G. Provides expertise in facility planning.
    H. Enforces safety standards for acquisition and maintenance of athletic facilities
    and equipment.
    I. Provides annual and periodic evaluation of facilities and equipment.

    V. Financial Management:
    A. Plans and prepares annual athletic budget.
    B. Coordinates requisition and bid specifications for equipment.
    C. Develops procedures for purchasing consistent with the school district.
    D. Provides expertise for purchasing of supplies and equipment.
    E. Develops procedures for inventory of supplies and equipment.
    F. Submits financial reports annually.
    G. Insures the timely deposit of all receipts and maintains proper accounting
    H. Develops policies and procedures for gate revenue.

    VI. Sportsmanship and Citizenship:
    A. Implements positive sport citizenship activities within an educationally sound
    athletic program.
    B. Demonstrates consistency between the sportsmanship philosophy of local school
    and those of state and national associations.
    C. Conducts athletic program with the highest ideals of sportsmanship and positive
    D. Develops policies for coaches in providing sport citizenship orientation for
    E. Communicates clear expectations to athletes of sportsmanship responsibilities.

    VII.Sport Promotions:
    A. Establishes relationship with community sport associations.
    B. Deals with parent athletic concerns.
    C. Designs activities to help promote the athletic program.
    D. Distributes sport schedules to the media and general public.
    E. Develops positive relationship with representatives from the electronic and
    print media.
    F. Creates and produces sport news releases.
    G. Plans and arranges pep rallies, award assemblies, recognition events and the

    VIII.Legal Foundations:
    A. Addresses legal considerations, cautions and issues as a reference for
    developing rules and regulations.
    B. Develops rules and regulations for the student-athlete that addresses
    constitutional and federal law.
    C. Enforces local and state standards for the safe and equitable operation of the
    athletic program.
    D. Develops an athletic program handbook for coaches, student-athletes and
    E. Develops safety standards and checklists for athletic equipment, facilities and

    IX. Office Management:
    A. Determines the staffing needs for the athletic office.
    B. Establishes the job functions for each member of the athletic department office
    C. Recruits, interviews, selects and assigns employees of the athletic office.
    D. Assigns duties and evaluates performance of athletic staff.
    E. Coordinates the activities and functions of the athletic office.
    F. Provides opportunities for office staff to be trained on all required skills and
    G. Organizes and directs student and adult volunteers with specific
    responsibilities related to the athletic program.

    X. Personnel Management:
    A. Recruits, interviews, selects and recommends coaches for contract positions.
    B. Maintains personnel records for each coach.
    C. Develops duties and responsibilities for coaches.
    D. Establishes coaching expectations.
    E. Supervises head coaches.
    F. Monitors and evaluates head coaches for each sport.
    G. Provides opportunities for coaching education through the National Federation
    Interscholastic Coaches Education Program (NFICEP).
    H. Responsible for recruitment, selection, payment and supervision of game

    XI. Organizational Relationships:
    A. Position Attainment: Administrative, Act 93, 12 month position.
    B. Ascending: Is directly responsible to all secondary principals, Superintendent
    and/or designee.
    C. Descending: Supervises all athletic/activity personnel.
    D. Coordinated: Works cooperatively with all administrators when directed by the

    XII.Special or Temporary Assignments
    A. Responsible for other assignments directed by the Superintendent and/or High
    School Principal.

    June 2004

  • Athletic Director
    Penn Manor School District

    The Penn Manor School District is seeking a full time Athletic Director, reporting to the High School Principal, who will continue our mission to engage students’ minds, hearts and voices so that they become educated, caring and responsible adults. Our school and community have long seen our outstanding athletic program as integral to students’ growth and development.

    The ideal candidate will be well versed in organizational leadership, having prior experience in athletic administration and extensive knowledge and experience with athletic programs. This position requires a strong ability and background in the areas of organization, communication, time management, scheduling, P.I.A.A. rules and regulations and all activities related to the management of athletic functions. Technology skills should include Microsoft Office, and the working knowledge of specialized scheduling software.

    The Athletic Director will be responsible for directly supervising and developing the coaching staff, student athletics and all members of the athletic office. The Athletic Director will be required to work a flexible schedule which includes long hours, evening and weekends.

    Summary of Key Responsibilities:

    • Collaborate with the school leadership team to continue to uphold our positive athletic program and school culture.
    • Recruits, trains, supervises, and assess coaches for 22 High School Varsity sports and 10 Middle School sports.
    • Support District’s commitment to upholding the goals of Title IX.
    • Prepares and manages an annual budget of approximately $750,000 and insures fiscal responsibility in maintaining the athletic budget.
    • Acts as the District’s primary resource in the knowledge and interpretation and compliance with the Lancaster-Lebanon League, District III, and P.I.A.A rules and regulations.
    • Oversee and run all athletic contests for leagues and district/state playoff games.
    • Monitor strength training coaches and operation of weight room.
    • Serve as an effective communicator and liaison among administration, coaching staff, student athletics, parents, community, and School Board Directors. Work to resolve differences between coaches, parents and student athletics.
    Additional Qualifications:
    • Coaching experience preferred.
    • Bachelor’s degree in a related field; a Master’s Degree in Sports Administration preferred.
    • First Aid, CPR & AED certification preferred.

    Application process: Please submit a complete resume, cover letter, salary history to
    The Penn Manor School District is an Equal Opportunity employer. EOE

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