Pennsylvania State Athletic Directors Association

Corporate Sponsors

The Pennsylvania State Athletic Directors Association (PSADA) is proud to present our corporate sponsors. Since the 1990-91 school year corporate sponsors have made significant contributions to our Association. These contributions have been either monetary, gifts, or services that benefit PSADA members. Many of the amenities that are provided at our Annual Conference are the direct result of a corporate sponsor.

The PSADA Executive Council asks our members to give each of these corporate sponsors the opportunity to present their respective products and services for consideration in your athletic programs and schools when you make decisions related to their services and products.

For additional information about PSADA Corporate Sponsors or how your company can affiliate with our Association, please feel free to contact either:

Dave Eavenson, Executive Director: 717-440-3312 or e-mail

Bob Buckanavage, Advisor: 215-501-3227 or email


  • BigTeams / Schedule Star

  • Neff

  • Mascotmedia

  • VSN

  • Webster's

  • ASEP

  • Game Breaker

  • Hershey Resorts and Lodge